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Where can we find a copy of the draft bill? Can we still meet with Rep Gattis to discuss the language found in the bill?
I charge $9.00 a dozen for cake balls, which are similar to truffles
Well, I don't know my friend's co-worker so I doubt she will ask me to donate the cake. I was just thinking. How does this woman plan on transporting such a HUGE cake. If a 24" , 2 layer round cake serves around 165 (per a website I found) then we are talking a big, big, big round cake for 400! Like the size of a truck tire.HAHAHAI had another friend ask me what I would charge for cupcakes. The going rate around here is $2.00 per cupcake (no decoration, just frosting). I...
My friend emails me that her co-worker is looking for someone "who makes cakes on the side" (red flag) to make a Quinenera cake for 400 people. This co-worker and my friend think that people who make cakes on the side will be soooo much cheaper than a bakery. Anyway, the co-worker wants a HUGE bottom round tier with one smaller round tier on feed 400 people! What?!?! That would be a 5 foot round tier! HAHAHASo, I had to explain cake sizes and servings and...
thanks for the feedback!!!
Is anyting easy!! I am trying to become legal. And I finally found a commercial kitchen that I can rent. The owners of the kitchen are requiring that I have a minimum of $1,000,000.00 product and general liability insurance. Well, the insurance people want to know what my annual sales will be? I don't know!! I only intend to do this part time for now but I need to insurance in order to rent the kitchen space. How do you estimate what you will be making? I can't use my...
Thanks for the link. I kinda thought this had been addressed in a previous post. What was the outcome of the survey? Does anyone know? How many people contacted their Representatives? Did any of them respond?
I just read the post pertaining the new legislation being considered in GA that would allow for 'home bakers' to do business legally. I didn;t read the entire bill but I was wondering if any Texas bakers would be interested in pursuing something like this........maybe too late for the current legistlative session......but maybe have something ready in 2 years when Texas is in session again??We could see how things turned out in GA, perhaps use that bill as a model?
I have to agree, the snowmen are my favorite, too! You did a great job!
My tree has a color (any shade of dark red and/or burgandy) and gold accents.
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