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if i do find a kitchen to does that work. I mean, woud it be OK for me to advertise my business? And when the health department does their inspections and they found alot of violations with the kitchen that I am renting and shut down the kitchen, then I am out of luck, huh??
I have never covered a cake in fondant. Is it really that hard? I am thingking about entering a contest and fondant seems to be the rage. Is fondant the way to go these days? Do people prefer icing their cakes? How about when it comes to eating the cake.....any feedaback about eating a fondant covered cake?When I look at the cakes that the big time decorators make...they seem to all use fondant?
When you use the paper towel method, is the paper towel moist or dry? I am not familir with Viva towels but don't most paper towels have a small pattern? Does the pattern transfer to the cake?
I live in austin, texas (travis county). I am also interested in opening a bakery (someday) but now I just bake for freinds and family....but Idon't charge them anything. I see it as pracitce for when I do start charging and it also gives me the opportunity to photograph my cakes.I went to the state's health department's website and all I could find was that preparing food from a home based kitchen for public consumption was i guess you can't even make...
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