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This sounds like a good idea....having a 'pre designed' cake for brides to choose from might make it easier to work with someone that can't decide what they want.
I have tried several times to post this article.Anyway, lady in NJ is baking/selling cakes to make her hosue paymentWant one? They're available here: article is on
Has this article already been posted? New Jersey woman bakes to make mortgage payment, tastes success beyond expectationsIn a time of crisis, Angela Logan turned to her kitchen. Faced with a July 26 payment of $2,559.54 to her mortgage lender, Logan decided to sell 100 homemade "mortgage apple cakes" to friends and family for $40 each to help avoid foreclosure. They must be pretty darn good: What started last week as 42 orders for the double-layered cakes (covered in...
Don't feel bad.....the older I get, the more I get confused about EVERYTHING. might help
Is it just me or do you also cringe when someone asks you, "How long do you cook a cake?" Don't you bake a cake? Cooking is what is done on top of the stove....baking takes place in an oven. Am I just too picky?
my co-worker is vegan and she made some margarita cupcakes.....they were AWESOME! I'll ask her for the recipe. I think she just found it on the internet.For her birthday, I made a banana vegan cake with walnuts. Instead of decorating the cake, I just topped it off with sliced bananas, strawberries and chopped walnuts. Everyone liked the cake, even the non-vegans in the office. I just Googled 'banana vegan cake' and found the recipe........dummy me, I didn't bookmark the...
wow! How exciting. I really like the counters/display cabinets.I would love to convert our garage into a kitchen or build one on our lot. Good luck!!
It looks like ganache to me. I use 3/4 cup heavy cream and 2 T butter, heated to just before it boils. Then pour it over 8 oz of chocolate (usually a combo of dark and semi sweet). Let it sit for a couple of minutes then wisk until smoth and creamy.
Maybe I need to adjust the temp next time. The outer part started to get too brown before the center baked all the way thru. Maybe it was the pan. I sed the NOrdic 6 mini flower pan.
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