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Is it just me or do you also cringe when someone asks you, "How long do you cook a cake?" Don't you bake a cake? Cooking is what is done on top of the stove....baking takes place in an oven. Am I just too picky?
my co-worker is vegan and she made some margarita cupcakes.....they were AWESOME! I'll ask her for the recipe. I think she just found it on the internet.For her birthday, I made a banana vegan cake with walnuts. Instead of decorating the cake, I just topped it off with sliced bananas, strawberries and chopped walnuts. Everyone liked the cake, even the non-vegans in the office. I just Googled 'banana vegan cake' and found the recipe........dummy me, I didn't bookmark the...
wow! How exciting. I really like the counters/display cabinets.I would love to convert our garage into a kitchen or build one on our lot. Good luck!!
It looks like ganache to me. I use 3/4 cup heavy cream and 2 T butter, heated to just before it boils. Then pour it over 8 oz of chocolate (usually a combo of dark and semi sweet). Let it sit for a couple of minutes then wisk until smoth and creamy.
Maybe I need to adjust the temp next time. The outer part started to get too brown before the center baked all the way thru. Maybe it was the pan. I sed the NOrdic 6 mini flower pan.
Instead of using 2 cups of regular sugar, I used 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar and the cake came out 'soggy' in the middle. It was baked, just kinda soggy in the middle. I was just wondering if this could have been a result of using the dark brown sugar. I had made a similar cake last week, but it wasn't quite as soggy.
I explained the situation to the bride's mom and she said that she understood but still upset that she would have no time to find another baker. I let her know as soon as I could that I wouldn't be able to make the cookies.If she did start looking around and found a bakery to make the cookies, I think she will be even more upset at how much more a 'real' bakery charges for their cookies. She was going to get a really good price from me.
If you go to the first post in this forum, there is a list of states that license home kitchens along with links to the health department for that state. Looks like in CO, a separate kitchen is required. Have you tried contacting the Colorado health department? Or maybe the county where you will be moving?We hope to relocate to the Denver area sometime in the next few years. I think CO is such a beautiful place!!!
I work for a non-profit organization and we get calls from people who are deaf/hearing impaired. So far, we have not received any that were 'scammers'.The person calling will identify themselves and says something along the lines of: Hello, this is Texas Relay operator #1234 calling. Have you ever received a relay call before?"They always ask if you have received a relay call before. I am not sure what is done in other states.Also, some people may not want to drive around,...
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