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Another thing to consider is your cost if you are renting a space. I rent one of the large rooms at my church for $50.00. It has a small kitchen, tables and chairs. As for the flooding technique, I only give a demo and let the students decide if they want to use it.....with the knowledge that the cookie will most likely NOT dry by the end of class.
I charged $45 for my classes last year. They were 3 hours long and each student recevied at least 6 cookies each to decorate, recipies, all decorating supplies (fondant, RI, RBC,) and they learned how to use stencils, luster dust, make flowers, etc....
Are biscochos and Mexican wedding cookies the same thing? Anyone have a gooe recipe for biscochos?
So now I go to Garden Ridge to buy discounted paperbacks and cookbooks. I am anxious to see what they have in terms of Christmas decorations. I noticed that Halloween and Fall decorations were in the store by my house.
For those of you that have Garden Ridge stores in your area, have you noticed changes in the items being stocked? Here in Austin, it seems like the Garden Ridge has turned into a bigger version of a dollar store! They are selling discounted books, scrubs, purses and other clothing. They have done away with lots of other items like party supplies and craft supplies. Just wondering if this is a Texas thing.
I just had to find out for myself.........and it can't be done.
"About Wilton Brands Inc.Wilton Brands Inc., based in Woodridge, Illinois, has united multiple creative consumer products companies to produce a market leader with a strategic focus on product innovation and quality. Wilton’s product portfolio includes food crafting, scrapbooking, and other craft products. Wilton has the number one position in cake decorating, bakeware and tea kettles. It offers the industry´s most comprehensive and innovative selection of baking, cake...
I am facing the same situation....where to meet clients when renting kitchen space. The space that I am goint to rent is located in a part of town that has been traditionally known as "high crime" so I am not sure if clients would want to meet there or not. The area is improving but old stereotpyes die hard. I guess it would all depend on the kitchen you are there space to meet clients? Is the kitchen easy to find? It is my understanding that all baking and...
I started to tort my cake layers and discovered that the centers were under baked. Can I put the torted layers back in the oven? If so, what temp? And for how long?
I'm guessing that I spent around $1500 for my wedding (approx 80-100 guests). I must be the ultimate budget bride!!My dad bought my dress, I used my mom's rings (hubby got a new ring for around $250.00), made all the bouquets and centerpieces myself, in-laws gave us $250 for the reception food (finger food and punch), $100 for the cake (made by a lady from church), etc............but don't ask what we spent on the honeymoon!!!!
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