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great job on the Peruvian flag....the details are awesome!
Thanks for the advice! The flag I will make needs to be big enough to drape over a 4" dome shaped cake.
I would like to make a Texas flag out of fondant and then drape it on a cake. Should I piece together pieces of red, white and blue fondant, then drape it? Should I paint the colors onto the white fondant and then drape it" Should I drape the fondant then try to paint it?
thanks for the info!
Does high altitude really affect baking? How high? What do you do if you live/bake in a high altitude area?Thanks!
Wilton has a wholesale department. You will need to contact them and ask for the details. Your best bet would be to contact the decorating supply companies and ask if they sell wholesale. Some may not and others may give discounts for bulk orders.
thanks! I'll try that next time. I have another cake to make in a few weeks.
I have made (2) doll cakes using the Wilton doll cake pan. Both times the cake didn't bake up right. It had the consistency of a very dense, wet cake. I bake it approx 15 minutes longer than what was stated in the instructions because the cake wouldn't bake!!Has anyone had this problem? I have only experienced this while making this type of cake.
I have looked into my own baking business in Austin.....still thinking about it. The food permit is $310 for Austin ( I think) plus the cost of the inspection. Once you have located a commercial kitchen, the health inspector will need to pay you a visit. Also, some jurisdictions will require you to take a food safety or food managers course. The one I would need to take was going to cost around $100.I spoke to my insurance agent about a year ago and he quoted me a policy...
Another thing to consider is your cost if you are renting a space. I rent one of the large rooms at my church for $50.00. It has a small kitchen, tables and chairs. As for the flooding technique, I only give a demo and let the students decide if they want to use it.....with the knowledge that the cookie will most likely NOT dry by the end of class.
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