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Has anyone come across a cake pan shaped like a chili pepper? Hubby's co-worker asked about it.
what's the recipe for the marshmallow RBC? Sounds really good.
I roll it in between two pieces of wax paper. It is too soft to lift so I flip it onto the cookie and peel back the wax paper.
I use the same recipe posted above: 1 cup shortening, 1 cup corn syrup and PS. I use cheesecake flavoring.
I use RBC for my cookies all the time. All of my cookies are covered in RBC and then I use fondant for accents, decorations. It is softer than fondant but I think it taste better (recipe posted earlier). And by making the RBC, I can add different flavorings. To get rid of the 'greasy' look I smooth over the RBC with a Viva paper towel. I have covered cakes with RBC. It was a little difficult because the RBC is so soft.
I rarely eat any of the cakes that I make. But I don't have any problem eating someone else's cake!!!
I bought the buttercream fondant and thought it tasted pretty good. But it was kinda expensive. It seemed to go farther than Wilton or Satin Ice fondant. I would only buy it again if I have a coupon.
Thanks for the link to Cheap Cookie Cutters! I found an Elvis cutter, an OU cutter and a wheelchair cutter!!!!
Congratulations on getting your website completed! I like your logo and the colors.I think the info is very clear and easy to understand.
thanks for the links
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