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I use RBC for my cookies all the time. All of my cookies are covered in RBC and then I use fondant for accents, decorations. It is softer than fondant but I think it taste better (recipe posted earlier). And by making the RBC, I can add different flavorings. To get rid of the 'greasy' look I smooth over the RBC with a Viva paper towel. I have covered cakes with RBC. It was a little difficult because the RBC is so soft.
I rarely eat any of the cakes that I make. But I don't have any problem eating someone else's cake!!!
I bought the buttercream fondant and thought it tasted pretty good. But it was kinda expensive. It seemed to go farther than Wilton or Satin Ice fondant. I would only buy it again if I have a coupon.
Thanks for the link to Cheap Cookie Cutters! I found an Elvis cutter, an OU cutter and a wheelchair cutter!!!!
Congratulations on getting your website completed! I like your logo and the colors.I think the info is very clear and easy to understand.
thanks for the links
Anyone have any pics? Or ideas? I'd like to make a turtle, sitting at a desk. I thought about making the body out of rice crispy treats, the head and legs out of fondant.
great job on the Peruvian flag....the details are awesome!
Thanks for the advice! The flag I will make needs to be big enough to drape over a 4" dome shaped cake.
I would like to make a Texas flag out of fondant and then drape it on a cake. Should I piece together pieces of red, white and blue fondant, then drape it? Should I paint the colors onto the white fondant and then drape it" Should I drape the fondant then try to paint it?
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