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I haven't been able to find out what other food vendors will be attending and/or what other dessert booths might be there.   I think the 10% rule......thanks!
I am not sure if there will be anyone else there selling sweets but it is mainly a jewelry and craft fair. The organizer seems really excited that I was bringing something different to the fair.
Has anyone sold their cookies at a festival or fair? I am considering doing this but have no idea how much product to make. The average attendance at the fair I am looking at is around 1000 people. I would be selling decorated sugar cookies, cupcakes and also traditional cookies like choc chip, oatmeal, etc. How many people can I expect will BUY/PURCHASE cookies?
I live in Colorado (Arapahoe county) and was wondering if local governments allow people to take advantage of the State CFL? Or are cities and counties not allowing home baking due to existing ordinances and zoning laws?
I'll have to move by mid to late Feb.Thanks for all the tips!!!
We will be relocating to Denver, CO and I am really anxious about not being able to bake without everything falling!!! How do you bake at high altitudes? Is a convection ocven needed? THANKS!
I have taught classes at my church. Lots of churches will have a 'community room' or banquet type room with a kitchen. You might have to pay a rental fee.
I use KopyKake but would like to find something that allows me to do more. I noticed that KopyKake sells heart shaped frosting sheets but their software doesn't let you print to that shape.What do you use?
I think the easiet thing to do is contact your current insurance agent and ask him/her about catering insurance. I'm sure they would be able to steer you in the right direction
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