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Last year for Christmas I asked for one of these. My mom ordered one, but something happened and she never got it and they returned her money. I'm going to ask for it for Christmas this year, but I should probably point her in the right direction. The problem is, I don't know what direction that is. Does anyone have any suggestions on which company or product I should choose?
For my dream job as a cake decorator with a very talented, prominent cake decorator in Ohio. She asked me to make a cake displaying my talent as best I can and bring it to the interview. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START! I'm thinking I'll definitely cover it with fondant and royal icing flowers but I really don't know what direction to go in... What do you think a real professional is looking for? This could be my one shot at getting into a career that I'm passionate about...
This is probably a 101 question, but I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to working with fondant. I have to make two cakes, one for Friday and one for Saturday, and they're both pretty intricate. Is it possibly to freeze a cake that is already completely covered and decorated in fondant and royal icing? Once it thaws, is my icing going to run or the fondant going to get wet or anything? They're doll cakes for a church bake-sale, so it probably wouldn't do for their...
I am doing a wedding cake where the bride wants brush-embroidery flowers done over fondant. I did a few practice tries, since I've never done brush-embroidery, and they don't look very good. Does anyone have any advice on how they do theirs?
I am looking for a good recipe for white cake using cake mix from a box that has been doctored up to make it tastier. I've read about people using sour cream, vanilla extract, and pudding, and I want to try one for my next cake. Anyone have any suggestions?
Awesome! Thank you guys!
I have no idea how much batter to use to bake in a 12" by 2", 10" by 2", and 6" by 2" heart shaped pan. I have never used pans shaped like these and I don't have any idea how much batter it will take.
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