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Hi there,Welcome to CC!Sugarpaste and fondant are the same thing. Made of sugar, gelatine, glucse and glycerine and used to cover cakes to get that smooth look.Gumpaste is also a sugar-based dough that dries hard and is used for making flowers and small decorations.If you mix equal parts of the 2 together, you get modelling paste that's great for figures. HTH
Just remember in all of this that "God Loves You".I have a favorite passage that says, "All things work together for the good of those who love God."I firmly believe and you should too.Keep your head up. God Bless.
Wonderful cake. So elegant and well-made. Congratulations!
lovely cookie!!!!!!!
It looks great! All I can think of is maybe to randomly write teacher speak on the cake layers to make it look like a chalkboard. Don't know if that's possible on your surface though. Is that fondant?But Good Job. It's a clean and beautiful cake!
I also go with multiplying the total cost by 3 plus a little extra if there are molded figures (cause those are time consuming.
I absolutely love cake and frosting!!!my confession...sometimes I'm actually secretly wishing for mistakes so I could nibble (or GOBBLE) something up!Not any more though...been on the South beach diet cos I really need to get back in's been hard though!!! Still struggling being around fantastic looking and smelling baked goods everyday!!!
I also am gemerous with buttercream under my fondant. So the people will have a choice to eat or peel off the fondant.Dogluvr...could you pm me the recipe too!!!!! thanks.
Thanks for the airbrush info gmcakes! It's much appreciated.
Hi all! I have been looking at all your cakes and all your airbrushed cakes look fantastic! Would you mind sharing what brand air brush and compressor you are using? Am looking into buying one and kinda am lost on which to buy. Many Thanks.Erika
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