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I am making my neighbor's daughter's birthday cake. She wants a flower pot cake with long stem flowers. My problem: She wants everything to be edible! (That includes the pot and all the stems and flowers). Is this even possible? Won't the pot be top-heavy and fall over? Also, my niece wants a magician's hat with a bunny coming out of it for her cake. Yikes! Where do I start with this one? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them! Thanks!Jen
That would be even better!Jen
Hello all,I feel left out now. Can you please sent this list to me as well? It is greatly appreciated! Jen (
Connie,I hope the car cake comes out OK too! If it is decent, I will post a picture of it on this site! I LOVE this site!!!Jen
Cbowen,Thanks for the pricing tip on cupcakes! As far as the car cake, I am going to be of no help to you. I just bought the 3-D car cake pan for my son's birthday cake! If it comes out OK I want to sell some too! If you get a price from someone let me know! Good luck, and Congrats on your first order! Sorry I couldn't help!Jen
I haven't seen any T-shirt pans, but I'll keep my eyes open, sorry! As for Ebay, that happened to a friend of mine! That's why I'm very about online anything!Jen
Thanks for the info. I'll keep that in mind. As you can see I'm a newbie, I don't even know if I posted this in the right place. Sorry if I didn't.Jen
Hello!My sister and I are sort of in business together. She bakes the cakes and I decorate them! Any way, she got two orders for 24 cupcakes each! One set is for a male, one is for a female. They just ordered them for the heck of it, no special occasion. Any ideas on what to put on them? What do you think we should charge for those? I think I should keep it simple so we don't make the price sky rocket! Any ideas? (What about 8" 10" and 10X14 sheet cake pricing?) ...
Hello All!My sister and I are "sort of" in business together. She bakes the cakes and I decorate them. We don't know what to charge, I guess it depends on the size and decorations of the cake. She just got two orders for 24 cupcakes each. They just want them for the heck of it, no special reason. Any ideas on what to put on them or how much to charge for them? They are from previous customers who really enjoyed their cakes! By the way, one set if for a female and...
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