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what recipe did you use? I'll have to try it. They're Nicaraguan, so I know they'll love it!
Thanks for such a quick response! I love tres leches, but you can't decorate it and tier it, can you? Just wondering.
I have been using the cake mix doctor's recipes and they are usually fine. However, when I made my godson's b-day cake it ended up being so crumbly that I was embarrassed. Now I am doing a 90th b-day cake for this weekend and I don't want the same thing to happen. Does anyone have a good recipe for a moist cake? Thanks so much!
I used the Cake Doctor recipe for the butter cake for my godson's cake and it was so crumbly that I was embarassed at the party! Other times I have made the same recipe and it was perfectly fine. Another time I used the chocolate cake recipe in the same book and the same thing happened. So is the trick to just add 1/3 cup of milk extra? I lost sleep over this!!!
Thanks for all of your great ideas! The cake is for the end of September, so I'll post it when it's done!
A customer wants a cake for a Havana Nights/Cuban-themed party and my mind is blank! I only have ideas for Mexican, and that is totally different. Any ideas? Thanks!
Thanks for the tips! I'll try both and see what happens!
I feel like a real cake dummy for asking this, but if you use real frosting for the cake dummy, won't it attract ants? Is there something else I can use?
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