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 Love this cake!!  Did you have to leave the fondarific out to get firmer after modeling?
 Elcee, I've tried Duff's fondant (which is apparently Fondarific with his name on it) and found that it was way too soft to handle.  I wouldn't be able to get it on a cake without stretching it out.  What do you do to cover cakes with it successfully?  I do like that it is a tastier brand.  BUT, it won't be tasty at all if I can't get it on the cake!  :) 
 BakeMark is a wholesaler to business.  I can't remember if you have a business?  It doesn't have to be a storefront.  BakeMark's are all over the country.  There is one just 5 miles from me.  I just received a price list on a bunch of their products.  Some stuff is a savings, while other items don't seem to be.  But what I am most excited about is the 50 lbs of Sweetex for $84!  They also have 50 lbs 10x sugar for $24 (half off here) and sugar that is about 25% less than...
Cake Crafts is nice for a speciality item, but as one of you shared, it is REALLY expensive.  That's where I used to buy the Sweetex-for $8/lb.  Yikes!  And even though I'm in Denver, it's a 45 minute drive... You guys might want to look into BakeMark.  
 Thanks again to everyone!! And hello from northeast Denver!  Nice to see a neighbor.  :)  You are exactly right about the crusting buttercream and Viva paper towel method.  The whole situation drives me insane!  Once I "fix" one area, another suffers!  Usually the edges...  How you do you do yours?  Something is telling me I had an easier time with this before I switched to "mystery shortening" from the Baker's kitchen.  Before that I bought Sweetex (for way too much)...
 Unfortunately it doesn't work with Safari.  I may try sometime on another's computer though. Sounds like a great help!
 Wow, that is such a good idea, and you are absolutely right about the awareness of what "X" tiered cake feeds...  I am seriously going to have to think about this!!  And thanks so much for the compliments.  :)  
Thanks so much to EVERYONE thus far!!  I am taking everything in a thinking about what I can do!  I so appreciate your help.   A couple of you brought up my webpage layout, and believe me, they are points well taken.  I'm going to see what I can do to correct some things.  One of my problems is that I am not at all competent with this stuff.  Sometimes when I try to make changes I end up ruining things and then don't know how to restore it!  That's actually the case with...
 Thanks so much for the thoughts!!
 Such a good idea-the "mini studio".... Lately I've tried to zoom in, but I haven't been able to get rid of all the background.  What do you do to decorate a board-put fondant on it?   And about the character cakes, do most people just not do those?  Are we supposed to get permission from DISNEY?  Ugh, that sounds like a hassle.  But getting sued would definitely be worse!!   Thanks for your advice!!!
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