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Chef Rubber sells 50 gram containers of many of their colors.  Julie Bashore also sells larger containers - her website is sugar art school and she calls it twinkle sprinkle.  I'm sure there are even larger amounts somewhere. 
Google "melted rainbow cake" from Tablespoon! - just add a little more cream to get a looser consistency that will drizzle or less cream to get a consistency that will coat. 
You can make ganache with candy melts and get lots of really bright colors.  You can also make it using white chocolate and add color, but the colors will be dulled by the creamy color of white chocolate. 
Are you covering a cake?  If so, get the leaf on transfer sheets. 
Geez -  bad photo.  Sorry.  I'll do better later when I try more molds.
Just tried this - amazing!!!  Soft, flexible, easy to remove from molds.  I made one clear flower, then added powdered titanium dioxide to make it opaque white.  Looks like shiny fondant.  I then added a little pink gel color to the white mix to get the pink flowers.  There is a bubble in one of the flowers that I didn't fill in, but...  Thank you so much for sharing this formula.  I will leave my experiments out for a while to see how they age.  You are giving Bill Nye,...
Most will take credit cards, but cash always works.   Like KatieKake said, the convention is well worth the registration fee if it is within your budget.   Lots and lots of different techniques are presented in the paid demos, and you'll have access to the vendors before the one-day pass available to the public.   Have you visited the ICES convention web site?  Vendors are listed there along with the classes and demos.
Yes!!!  It is worth every penny.  There will be dozens and dozens of vendors with all the latest and greatest.  There are free demos at most of the larger vendors.  There are great buys to be had on some products, too.  Wish I were closer - ICES convention is Caker's Heaven.  Take as much money as your budget will allow.  Rent out a couple of kids or siblings for a week-end for extra funds if you have to..... 
Global has them here:  
Check out clay stamps - letter or alphabet -  in the  polymer clay section of a craft store.  
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