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Thanks - I didn't see that thread yesterday! Very helpful
So you divide the pan and take the divider out BEFORE you bake it! I knew there had to be a way but I couldn't figure it out - that sounds so simple Thanks!
Does anyone know how to make a 1/2 sheet cake that is half white/half chocolate? I have a half sheet cake pan and would like to figure out how to put white and choclate batter in the same pan.
Your flowers are beautiful! I have my class 3 of the fondant and gumpaste class on Friday - I hope my flowers turn out as good as yours!
NIce job! Your cakes look great
Thanks you guys! I went to the cake shop yesterday and got a 12 x 16 pan, half sheet. I figured I 'd use it sometime if I didn't make these particular cakes! I will put 2 together. I figured my cost to be $25 -$27 each. I called one store and they charge only $35 for a cake with no decorations, don't know how much decorations cost.. I am going to check with some others today, but I think I will tell her $55 or $60. I tried the FBCT for the first time yesterday and it...
I have been asked to quote a price for sheet cakes to feed 250-275 people for a Cub Scout banquet. Is 12 X 18 the full sheet cake size? Last year they ordered cakes from a grocery store and had the Cub Scout and Boy Scout emblem things scanned onto the cakes and a border of some sort around the edges, nothing too elaborate. I am thinking I could do a buttercream transfer instead of the edible image... She did tell me that she is calling grocery stores for prices and they...
There are 2 in Columbus that I know of. I've only been to one of them, it's called Happy Hostess House - I can't think of the name of the other one... Happy Hostess is a little shop but they have tons of stuff. They do classes there also... I don't know what it is you are wanting to try, but they do have things that the big craft stores don't have-I bought some foam dummy cakes last time I was there to practice on.
Great! Thanks! I have it wrapped in plastic wrap and in a freezer bag sitting on the counter.
I made MMF for 3 cakes this past weekend and I have some left over. I am doing another cake for this weekend and I will be using the same colors and I would LOVE to use up some of the leftover MMF. Would it still be good a week later? I'm thinking it may get hard...?
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