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Did you ever found a good store in Madrid?
Yes, I've heard, and from I can seen on the newspapers, things in PR are getting rough. But I know that cake decorating is huge over there,. Right?! I am from PR.
No uses maizena en la mesa cuando lo vayas a estirar. JAMAS! No le eches más de 11/2 tazas de syrup al bizcocho. Pregunta... qué tipo de receta están usando: de cajita o el de receta. Mándame un PM, y te puedo dar mi # de celular, y ahí hablamos. Yo vivo en Virginia , y soy Boricua.
Sandra, Me gustaria hablar contigo de tus bizcochos.Yo vivo en Virginia, y toda mi familia esta en este negocio.Mi email es: soyyoines2003@yahoo.comCuidate, corazon!!!!!!
Erika:Yo trate una receta que encontre en de tres leches (creo que tienen mas de una) y me gusto mucho. Yo siempre busco las recetas que tengan mas "estrellas" en el rating, y asi se que estoy mas o menos a la segura.La receta que te mando Loyilaw aqui en este forum me da el "feeling" que esta excelente. Yo la voy a probar y despues te digo. A mi me piden esta receta mucho, mucho.Mandame un email y dejame saberExtrano a mi islita!!!!!!!!!!
Lake Ridge, Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have placed rice paper directly on the cake using piping gel to secure it (just brush the area where you will be placing the design first-- I also like to airbrush it a bit ), and then I brush the topof the rice paper again with piping gel to secure it, and it has never presented a "problem". I pipe a nice border around it...simple.When it comes to coloring, I tried to use anything the is FDA approved, because people have a tendecy to test all this stuff. I don't like to...
I am also very artistic when it comes to paint on top of cakes, and I have used both. My best results yet come when I prepare a gumpaste plaque (or cover a piece of cardboard/styrofoam material, with fondant), and let it dry very, very well. Then I trace the design, and I start painting on it. People love my designs very much!! I have even gone in the middle of the night, whenever I don't have a plaque available, to a printer and made my copy of the design needed on rice...
Dearest Natasha...My heart goes out to you, !!I went through this situation with the Red Velvet Cake situation for my African American clients. We don't eat Red Velvet Cake in the Caribbean, at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First thing you need to learn in this situation is to acknowledge to that specific client that you have never done a cake like this one. And if you have to decline this cake order...So be it...Learn how to say "No". But if the client insists ( and I went through...
Bienvenida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Esto es una adiccion...!!Ya yo no compro libros de reposteria, CC es lo mejor!!!Dejame saber si necesitas algo, estoy aqui (Washington DC) para ayudarte Ines
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