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Posts by cindy531 of baking items...boxes, boards, etc.Minimum $25.00 purchase required.
Yes...go to the supermarket and by refrigerated dough.
Took a quick stroll in Ross's today and came upon LorAnn Bakery Emulsions for $2.99 each. I bought 4 Almond and 1 each of: Lemon, Orange, Princess Cake, Coconut & Butter Vanilla. They also had Rum. There was plenty so it seems that they just put them out on the shelves. Can't beat the price!
I love my DoBoard!
I don't care for it myself.From OK magazine:Hilary nixed frosting so the cake — by Fantasy Frostings — would look “vintage-home-made” to go with the “warm, fuzzy, feeling of the wedding.”This is what Hillary had to say: “I’m a little picky when things get to sweet, so the cake is more buttery and the frosting is a little sweeter,” Hil explained. “It has all these fresh flowers all over it.”
I use paramount really well!
Search the recipe section under "FROSTING" there are tons of flavored buttercreams.
Maybe i missed it...but how do you turn the recipe from buttercream icing to cream cheese icing. Thanks!
I've made this buttercream many times...its my fave. How do I turn it into cream cheese buttercream? me...don't mess with the recipe. Follow the recipe as indydebi states....alteration will only cause problems. LOL!
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