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Thanks! I've always frozen my cakes - it works out beautifully. But I'm pretty sure I wont have the time or the patience to individually wrap each cupcake - any quick tips on how I can freeze them without wrapping them!
I'm planning to bake 6 dozen cupcakes for a birthday party on Sunday. I'm guessing cupcakes will dry out much faster than cakes will - how far ahead can I bake the cupcakes without the texture getting affected? I have a small baby - so I will have to bake ahead of time!   Thanks for all the help G
Thanks so much for the replies - Having never worked with the rice rice crispy treat, I'm really nervous.. Thanks.
Hi all!I'm planning to make a princess doll for my daughter's birthday from rice crispy treats and had a couple of questions. All help is greatly appreciated.1. How do I mold the rice crispy treats around a real doll? Will it stick around the doll (wrapped in cling wrap), or will the doll break it apart? 2. I haven't seen the wonder mold pan yet, but does the bottom come apart - can I put the doll through the pan, and then stuff the pan with the rice crispy treats (so that...
Oh! now I have another question.My cake is a chiffon cake and the frosting like I have mentioned, whipped topping. If I frost the cake and stick it in the fridge, will the water bead up on the frosting once I've removed it from the fridge? Also, will the texture of the cake get altered? I will be bringing it to room temperature before serving.Thanks a lot!
Thanks a lot for the advice! I will use the hot spatula afterall then . Sorry if it came across as this cake is for someone else. I'm actually making it for my daughter's 1st birthday party - though I would still like for it to look good Thanks again!
Hello!What's a good way to smooth whipped topping on a cake? Will a hot spatula liquify the topping?Also, I need to put some royal icing flowers on the cake. If I put the flowers on the whipped topping and stick the cake in the fridge, will the colors from the flowers bleed onto the topping? Should I just put the flowers on at the venue?I am a newbie and all help is greatly appreciated.Thanks.G
Thanks for your help. I will have to try the Vodka and gel colors.Thanks
Hi!I am attempting to make some edible butterflies for my daughter's birthday cake for next week, but its turning out to be a disastrous exercise! I have wafer paper and some Americolor foodpens - When im tracing out the butterflies, the wafer paper gets soaked in the color and starts to disintegrate. If this does not happen on the first side, it definitely happens on the reverse side. What am I doing wrong here? I didn't think I was holding the pen at any place for too...
Thanks! I guess i will just have to be quick, since the cake components have cream fillings Thanks
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