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i had the same problem with powder and bought a little handheld steamer ($30) and now steam my cakes - no more powder marks!! and so easy.
i bought a little handheld steamer - best thing to remove powder marks. dries to matte finish.
This is a paragraph from the letter:Chanel has not authorized the replication of its products nor the application of any of the Chanel trade marks to the Infringing Cakes. Your making, selling, offering for sale, or otherwise promoting the Infringing Cakes infringes Chanel's intellectual property rights and falsely suggests to consumers that your business or its cakes are endorsed by or otherwise associated with Chanel. Furthermore your activity is damaging to the valuable...
I just received a "cease and desist" letter from the nice folks at Chanel as I had 5 handbag cakes pictures (with the Chanel logo) on my website. I am a SMALL operation (just me, out of my home, maybe 3 to 5 cakes/week... I was totally stunned that they found my work. Not that I was trying to hide - I actually have never really thought about copyright infringement - just made the cake the client requested. I have since removed all other cakes that could pose this same...
i use and built my own website - basic package - cheap and fairly easy as they have templates.
I spray my ribbons with non-stick spray (like Pam) when applying to buttercream. Super easy and works great!
Any suggestions on how you would "build" this type of cake?
I use wilton ivory and just a touch of copper.
I'm making a 4-tiered wedding cake this weekend where the top 3 are real cake and the bottom one is a dummy. Should I put the center dowel through all 4 tiers down to the cake board, or will the dummy potentially split if I try to push the dowel all the way through? Thanks...
I have to make a farewell cake tonight for a woman who is moving to New Orleans. All she has told me is "jackson square"!! I'm making an 8" round (2 layers). Any ideas/help would be so appreciated!
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