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Duncan Hines with all the extras turns out great every time.
Thanks, that makes me feel better. I thought I may be trying to be to pricy. Could you give me some instructions on the bct? How you get started doing it? Thanks
I'm not so sure of how to do a bct can any one help?
Ok, I am glad I saw this forum about wal-mart cakes. I have made three cakes for my church. The first cake they gave me $25 for a 1/4 sheet cake. The second cake the lady said she forgot what they paid me and gave me a check for $20 well the next cake I did was a 11x15 and she did not ask me how much they owed me either time and this time she handed me a check for $25. I was very upset knowing I worked 5 hrs. on this cake the day before. Maybe I am wrong about the...
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