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Thank you all so much for your quick and helpful replies. I'm going to do this tonight so I appreciate your time. I love this site!!!!Dottie
thank you so much --- when you say color -- do you mean food coloring ... or the Americolor???sorry to be full of questionsDottie
Hi Everyone -- I need to pick your brain (better than your nose huh! Anyway...I need to color sugar and I've never done before but read somewhere that I can use food coloring to do so. If someone can let me know that would be awesome. I also thought about using my Americolor to do this as well. Thoughts please???Thanks again,Dottie
Hello -- what size cake do I need to feed ~10 people....thanksDottie
Hi Paula --Thank you so much for the quick reply. FYI -- I'm located in Franklin, MA. We're "neighbors".Dottie
Hello ladies -- I'm making a baby shower cake for this weekend and would like to make the decorations using MMF -- my question is can I add gumtex to the MMF as I would the Wilton Fondant to make it harden ? I've learned that I can add gumtex to Wilton Fondant and the decorations will dry harder. Does that make sense???Any thoughts???Thanks so much,Dottie
Hi ladies,My question is how long does it typically take you to ice your cake before decorating. Are there any tricks you use to speed up the process? I made 3 cakes over the last 4 days and the icing part took the longest....I get so much awesome information from this site -- you all are magical.many thanks in advance,Dottie
I couldn't resist -- my baby is almond - and LOVE IT.
You guys are so funny -- I too am so in love with my KA. I've had her a month now and don't know I lived without her. My husband just shakes his head.......For anyone who doesn't have one and is on a budget -- Kohls will run them on sale alot. Plus if you have a Kohl's charge, they will run a special for customers to get an additional 15% off and if it's a major holiday weekend sale, even more off. Mine was on sale for $239 + $20 rebate and another 15% took me down to...
That's good to know that you can get it in the "industrial" size. I doubled the BC recipe tonight and it was a breeze. Thank you all for your help. Attached is my picture from tonight's Course III final cake over in the photo gallery. I got the inspiration for it on this site.
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