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It was mentioned in an earlier post (see "thread starter") that we meet at 2:00 pm, that has been changed.  We now meet at 1:00 pm.  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month but sometimes that changes because of holidays so please contact me (at to make sure we will be meeting on that day. 
Just a "bump" to let you all know that we still are meeting in Nashville,TN.  Any questions you can contact me at:
I wanted to update the info on the Nashville Cake Club:  We now meet the 2nd Sunday of the month, start and 2:00pm and usually finish around 5:00pm (the meeting ends when the last person has left .  Sometimes (due to holidays or -this year- the ICES convention in KY) we have to move it up a week or back a week.  We do take the month of July off.  If you would like more info you can contact me at:
Stephanie, did you ever get the invite to the "Nashville, TN Cake Club?
I have read that if you rub them with a little bit of shortening it will keep them shiny (I have also wondered if vegetable oil would work).  Have not tried this so I do not know if it works.  If you try it, hope you will post and let us know if it worked or not.
When I worked at a bakery they would have us insert "wedges" of cake in between layers to make it level.  At home I always level (trimming off the "hump" in the middle) my cakes but my homemade cakes seem to be taller than the sheet cakes at the bakery.  The reason they had us use "wedges" is because if we leveled it there would not be much height left in the cake layer.
This has been mentioned before but I wanted to post it again. I have formed a cake club in the Nashville, TN area, we started in November 2009. We are not a private club but we get our info out and communicate with each other through a "Yahoo Group". You cannot find the group by doing a search at Yahoo groups, you can only get to if an "invite" is sent to you. We meet once a month, the second Sunday of the month at 2:00pm. We are a small group and currently meet in a...
In my opinion there is not right or wrong one. It is just what works best for you. I have several different kinds and I always seem to fall back on the old wooden one that was my grandmothers. Some decorators even use a piece of PVC piping.
Yes use an all vegetable shortening. I like to put a light coating on my hands and then work it into the fondant (as needed).
I have done this in replace of gum paste to make figures but I would not suggest it for covering a cake. Your fondant will dry quicker and you will probably get a lot of cracking and will not get a smooth finish on your cake. Because of the quicker drying time you have less time to get it on your cake. It will not make it more managable.
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