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Thank you dawnybird! Why didn't I think of that!? I always come here first for answers....didn't even occur to me to look elsewhere! Great bunch of cakers here!
I'm strictly a cake mix baker, although I tweak and doctor it up to make it make it a little more "mine". I have made Red Velvet cake with great results, but I start with the boxed mix. I have a request for a BLUE Velvet cake. Any suggestions for how to go about this? I'm not an expert on Red Velvet to begin with. Would using a white cake mix and substituting buttermilk for the water in the instructions be an acceptable rendition? (Of course adding enough blue for the...
I like a slight dome too....and they are dipping, as if not quite done. I have added a bit of BP to the mix from time to time when I had a similar issue with the "whole cake" , but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I think it's an underbaking/temerature thing. I will begin by shecking that the oven temp is spot on, and raise the rack a bit. hopefully this will help. It's frustrating to have this great cake recipie, and not get what I want out of the cuppie......
Sillywabitz, I use a "personalized" box mix. There is an extra egg and LOTS of extra fat (I add butter and sour cream to the directed oil) the cakes turn out WONDERFUL! great texture and moisture...but the cupcakes alway fall flat
Thanks....I've actually tried the temperature route, and it helps a ilttle, but they are still so....blah...just no reall body. IDK...maybe I'm expecting too much out of my cupcake???
....and they fall when I take them out of the oven. Is there a difference between making cuppies over a cake in a pan??? I so want to make a moist delicious cupcake, but I fail everytime....and if I bake them long enough to keep them from falling, they burn on the bottom and are terribly dry. Any help??
THANK YOU artscallion!!! Thank you so much!!! Just the advice I was looking for!!!!!
embossing on fondant....first time with this technique, and am just not sure how to aproach it. I have some ideas, but I don't want to make a mess of it. was hoping for some advice before I tackle it.
I am making a cake for my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary. I would like to use an embossed "quilted" pattern on the sides (you know, the one that makes the diamond shapes and you can put a small "something" in the crosses). Does anyone have any advice on how to do this cleanly and evenly? Rapid response appreciated...covering cake tonight
I need to make a cake completely dairy free for a family member. It has been requested that I make a carrot cake. I usually put sour cream in the frosting, but I thought I might substitute a soy based product. Has anyone ever tried this? and how does it come out. I also usually use evap. milk inlieu of water ( I used doctored cake mixes), can I substitute soy milk...and what type of icing (other than a palin BC) would be a good substitution for the traditional creamcheese...
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