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I'm not too fat from Beavercreek. You won't just be marketing're pretty close to lots of other cities. Just look at Beavercreek as a south suburb of Dayton.
That recipe sounds great! Thank you for sharing! I may try them this weekend!
My opinion is that I find any food that you feed to a dog nasty, and wouldn't want to order a cake from the same person my neighbor could order their dog treats from. I have a dog, and won't touch his food, it totally grosses me out. I would market them as two different companies, but I'm not even sure that as a customer, I found out they were being made in the same kitchen, by the same person, but under two different companies that I would order a cake from them. I...
I made a 23 inch tall R2D2 cake that was remote controlled and actually moved around the table for my sons 10th birthday this year. The party host at the venue asked me where the cupcakes were for the kids, and actually turned around while I cut the cake. She said she couldn't watch me destroy it! I told her it's cake and is meant to be eaten and passed it out to the kids and a few employees. I love to see them eat the cakes I make, and would hate to have it sit there...
Have you thought about having a tasting party with some people you aren't related to? make your scratch version of a few flavors, and a doctored version of the same flavors. Give surveys about each flavor and see which people prefer? I have a few I do scratch and a few I do doctored. Good luck in whatever you decide!
I don't think you can judge by people at work rating them. I could send something I think is totally nasty to work with my hubby, and it would be gone in one day because it's free. I agree with the others that you may want to try doctored mixes. I think people are used to mixes, and not so much to scratch type cakes. I think you've been given a lot of good advice here and things to look at, but you don't seem to want to hear what they are saying without being...
They have a good warranty until the warranty expires. My first died just a couple of days past the warranty. KA wouldn't replace or fix it without me paying for it, but the store replaced it no questions.
If you get a KA, get it at Williams Sonoma....they have a lifetime warranty on them. I bought mine there, and I'm getting ready to go exchange it for my 5th mixer in almost 4.5 years. As much as they cost, they should last forever. If I had done more research, I would have bought the Cuisinart instead. If I hadn't bought mine at WS, I would have been first one died two days after the KA warranty expired. The gears are plastic, and strip easily.
She used to have it posted here, but I can't find her. I'm pretty sure the front half is all gum paste though, if I'm remembering correctly.
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