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I've been doing a lot of research on Cottage Food Law (a law that allow you to sell baked goods from home) and as most of you may know, we do not have one in NJ. In 2009 Sugar_Plum_Fairy and Stephaniescakenj started an extensive topic on the CC forum. They fought, along with tons of other CC members to get a Cottage Food Law passed in NJ. Their fight was somewhat successful. They were able to get a few senators to introduce a bill to legislature on June 15, 2009. ...
I have to make a cake that looks like a lion holding a cake. To do this I was going to decorate a 14 inch, round, fondant covered cake and make the head out of gumpaste the same way I would a sugar plaque. My question is, how would you attach the head on the edge of the cake without it falling off the side of the cake? Is this even possible and if not do you have any other ideas on how to make the head?I've made plaques before but never this big and never on the edge so...
This great blog,, is holding an edible cake image or collage giveaway. The image or collage will be designed by you! There are tons of ways to enter. Stop by and check it out.
Has anyone ever made flowers using a mold? The only flowers I know how to make are the ones I learned from Wilton. I was wondering if there were molds out there that give the same details as making them by hand. Flowers are my favorite thing to make but I feel so limited on what I can do. Any suggestions?
I once made an ocean scene where the water was blue tinted piping gel. I wanted to make breaking waves with foam and to do that I put a little buttercream on a toothpick and dabbed it into the wave. The wave then looked like it had foam on the can see this on my margaritaville cake in my gallery if you look very closely Anyway, I'm telling you all this because I think if you make the water coming out of the hose out of blue piping gel and then mixed in a...
What does the winnie the pooh cake look like exactly? I ask because there may be a way to decorate it so that he is wearing a fireman's jacket instead of his usual yellow t-shirt.
Thanks everyone! To answer your question...I didn't use doug's method. I tried his out during a practice run and it worked but I wanted the cake to be carved from 1 cake so that's what I did. I carved it from a 2 layer 10 inch round cake. It came out smoother and was more stable that way.My customer was thrilled and I may be getting a lot more clients from this.
Well I finally finished the cake and it looks like a fortune cookie! My buyer was very happy with it. I have the picture posted in my gallery if you want to take a look.[/img]
Thanks....I didn't think it would work but I figured that it couldn't hurt to ask.
I'm doing a cake for a bridal shower that looks like a chinese lantern. The problem is that my customer wants whipped cream icing instead of buttercream. I was wondering if my decorative details (made from fondant) will stick to the whipped cream or should I just play it safe and use buttercream. What do you think?
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