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Yes ,,I do it all the time,,,it looks great,,,I use piping gel to adhere the image,,good luck
I am so frustrated ,,I had a bride email me about 8 weeks ago about doing a cupcake wedding for her,,she checked out my work,,was told price options,,and set up a date for a consultation 4 weeks ago,,,so I rush around to get my cakes done and clean up and prepare,,SHE WAS A NO SHOW,,,,,left me waiting all afternoon,,no phone call or email with reason why...2 weeks ago she finally emailed me saying she was sorry she missed our appt. but she heard the weather was bad our way...
I don't like this at all,,nothing appealing about it. Frankly I'm very surprised that it's a celebrity cake. Can't call this cake decorating. I would never agree to do something like this. each their own
I'm frustrated and wondering whats going on with the main main page of CC. The same photos have been on for 4 days now(on the top panel-Most Saved Photos) with no change, Is this happening to anyone else. I also noticed that the forum posts haven't changed either.
Hi Everyone I'm working on a few cakes tonight, 3 tier wedding cake, !00 cupcakes w/ a top cake for a wedding, a big cake for an astrological assoc. that turned out very cool. and a 2 tier birthday cake. Will probably be another all-nighter. Had a lot of these lately.Think I need to cut back a bit.
Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to make a peony? I see so many beautiful peonies on here , I have the cutters now but need some help. Thank you
Can anyone give me instructions on how to construct a cupcake bouquet? I need to make some this coming weekend ,but I have never done this before. There used to be a tutorial on here ,but I can no longer find it. Thank you
hi Go to They have all kinds of pretty boxes.great prices also. Kathy
I don't mean to offend all you "squishers" out there but this is not something I would recommend,I would not want to eat a cake that was squished, this will ruin the light texture of the cake. (when people eat your cake they don't want to be eating this nice fluffy cake and then all of a sudden they come upon a bite or 2 of compacted dense hunk of cake) *at least I wouldn't* and cakes should not be cooled in the pans because this can cause them to sweat. If you...
This is a recipe I came up with,,no recipe extender needed. Fabulous flavor ,never falss. Its my most popular.1 butter pecan cake mix1 (4 serving) vanilla pudding 4 eggs1/2 cup oil2/3 cup water1 tsp. pecan flavoring (I use Watkins, it's the best)1/3 cup Butter Shots Liquor1/2 cup chopped pecansbake at 325 for 45 min makes 2 9" cake layersFillingIn a medium saucepan melt 2 Tbsp. butteradd 1/3 cup heavy cream or carnation milk1/3 cup dark brown sugar1/2 cup chopped...
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