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 Hi   I am doing cupcakes for a Sheriff retirement party.  The colors are green, black and yellow. I will be placing cupcakes on white cupcake tower.  I am stumped on what liners to use.   My decorations:  Fondant handcuffs topper                            Gold/yellow badge (non edible)                            Black fondant dumbells (mini..the retiree is a cross-fit trainer)                            Her initial in gold   I was thinking of placing...
Yes that is it! Thanks so much!
Does anyone know what tip is used to make a puff or cloud on top of a cupcake? Sorry not sure how to decribe it. heheheIt is so elegant and I would love to try it.Thanks so much!
Thank you so much!
I usually dont have filling except BC btween layers. Well my order wanted banana filling. (I used the bag) and made a dam and filled. Made last night and woke up inpanic wondering if it was absorbed or make the cake soggy. YIKES! lol I read that you light frost and then add filling on top ina few places. When I first took a class with filling they just placed it right onto the cake. Do you think it absorbed? (hiding eyes I dont want to see the answer).There is...
Thank you for the fast reply! I will try it out!
HiI have some fondant circles that are going onto cupcakes. I want to adhere my edible images to them. I have never done this before and would love some help.Do I place the Image on the fondant while its damp? Thanks
HiWanted to say thank you to all of my CC friends. The support and help that has been given to me is awesome! I am truly amazed with the talent that is shared here. Also I wanted to thank all of you who added my cake photo to your favorites today! It really mean alot to me. A big thank you to Emma37 and Peggy Does Cake for the cake idea! You girlies are my cake hero's. ThanksMichelle
HiI am doing cupcakes for a friends baby shower. They are doing a football theme and using the colors green and brown. I am not used to doing sports theme for baby shower. Any suggestions on making it cute?Thanks
Wow thank you for all your words of wisdom. Thanks
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