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Try putting the RKT in the fridge, then use a knife to cut down the bumps. I like to use a small paring knife. Then cover with buttercream & re-chill. You can smooth the buttercream with a hot knife or warm hands. If it's still not working, sometimes I've ended up covering with a second layer of fondant. HTH.
Thanks, both tips are very helpful!
I've had my first request for pudding filling & I'm worried about it being too unstable. I've read some recipes for using pudding to make custard filling but even with a dam, won't the filling squish out the sides? Also, the cake needs to be covered in fondant. Will the entire cake need to be in the refrigerator until it is picked up? Then I'm worried about the fondant. I need to complete the cake on Friday & it won't be picked up until Saturday around noon. Thanks for any...
Ugh, that's what I was afraid of. Going to add juggler to my resume!
This hurricane Irene is throwing my schedule off. I would like to deliver a buttercream cake with gumpaste flowers early tomorrow morning. Can the client put the entire thing in the refrigerator until 6pm or will it ruin the flowers? Thanks!
One thought I had was that maybe the cake had to cook longer with the fruit. I've noticed that with pancakes. Just that extra 5 minutes might have dried it out...who knows.
I decided to experiment with my yellow cake recipe for my mom's birthday cake. I took my usual recipe (a variation on Sylvia Weinstock's) and added diced peaches to the batter before baking. My cake is usually moist but with the peaches it ended up dry and crumbly. Could the acidity in the peaches have caused this? They sat in the bowl for at least 1/2 hr. after I chopped them. Could that be it? Thanks for any insight you may have!
I was asked to do a baby shower cake for our swim team coach. The baby GIRL was born 3 weeks ago. I'd like to incorporate blue (the swim team color) but everything I come up with is too boyish. I think pink will be too overwhelming since the shower is for the entire team & their families (about 150 people). PLEASE point me in some direction.THANKS!Oh, I'm thinking 4 tiers - 6", 8", 10", 12" - assuming not everyone will want cake.
A venue has requested proof of insurance for outside vendors. My home kitchen is licensed but I am only covered by my homeowner's policy. Can I provide proof of my homeowner's policy to the venue or is this too risky?
Perfect! I love both options. THANKS!
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