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Does anyone know where I can find those tiny flashing LEDs that are watch battery operated, that you see on the challenge shows? That are probably no bigger than a dime. I checked party city and didn't see them there.
Does anyone know where to get Large Clear vinyl transfer sheets for large piece of fondant, like on the food challenges? I checked Home Depot but didn't see anything.
What does bark taste like? I'm thinking something comical/literal- other than just making a bunch of flowers?
OK, I poured the isomalt using MYOM directions- awesome!- Crystal Clear and no bubbles- but OK, what's the best technique to get them out of the mold? I tried twisting the tray, like regular ice cubes- but they start to crack. Any suggestions?
Is there a good way to microwave isomalt and still be clear, mine was yellowing, maybe heating too fast? And with bubbles, or maybe I bought a low-grade brand of isomalt?- I added no water-Any suggestions, or should I stove cook instead?Thanks, M.
Does anyone have any information on a contest supposedly that was in the Detroit News that there is a competition coming up at the end of March there?Please let me know.Thanks, M.
I need to get a cake across 5 states, and am worried about refrigeration and fragility of the cake. Has anyone ever shipped one or know if there is a way to accomplish this?Thanks. M.
Ok, so I am building my own warming box, but where the hinges are located at the corners, I have a 1/4 gap, the plexiglass back and sides are not flush. Is this OK?- Will I loose too much heat through the gaps?
I have a client for a saturday cake 10/17 that wants to postpone until 10/24, because the child got H1N1. I have only buttercreamed and layered the base cake in fondant. Would the cake still be good if I freeze or refrigerate for the week, or should I scrap it and make a fresh one? Thoughts?Thanks, M.
Use a battery operated LED tealight- theres a lot for sale now for halloween pumpkins.
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