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Just wanted to tell you that I just took at look at the cake - WOW! It looks fantastic! I love the details and the colors and...well, everything! So cool. And good job with the crack! Isn't it wonderful when you finish a cake and feel so proud of it? By the way, what was the occasion, if you don't mind my asking?
I made it for him as part of his gift, so I didn't charge anything. Just out of curiosity, how much do you think it would go for?Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments. I appreciate it.
Thank you!
Hee BF helped me with a cake before. It was...interesting.Welcome to Cake Central. Cake decorating is so fun. It's nice to see another younger person here (I'm 22).
I made my first fondant cake! I made it for my boyfriend's birthday and it is a 3-D bassoon. I've been planning for over a month and spent a week working on it. I had this picture of the finished cake in my head and it actually turned out better than I imagined. He and his family were very impressed. I'm so proud of this cake. Edited to attach pictures (figured out how to shrink them).
And definitely crack the cake on purpose!
From Cake Central's Terms of Service:<
That only works for liquid measurements. 16 ounces (by weight, as the "16 oz" on the package indicates) of mini marshmallows is definitely more than 2 cups. And ounce is a weight measurement, while a cup is a measure of volume. I've heard the conversion is 2 oz = 1 cup of mini marshmallows, so 16 oz would equal 8 cups of mini marshmallows.
McCormick also makes a raspberry extract that's available in the grocery store. I've used it before and it is good.
Well, I made a buttercream cake in the shape of a bird (a kingfisher) a few years ago - I used the Wilton Partysaurus pan. I just used different tips to make different textures for the feathers, wings, etc. I just added sugar cookie cutouts for the crest and tip of the wing. I don't know if this will help you at all...
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