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Thanks everyone!  These are great ideas!  
LOL  No you're definitely not being dim.  I told's in MY head!  LOL  I'm sure I wasn't clear. The cake is going to be a "Minecraft" cake.  Minecraft is apparently a computer game of some sort.  I only know this because, my soon to be 7 year old grandson told me!     Anyway, the cake will be a square cake (because everything is square on Minecraft) and in the center I will have Steve (apparently the hero).  I want him standing on a plate (platform) that will...
build a rising platform for a birthday cake?  In my head.....I know how it's supposed to look.  But, having trouble getting anyone to build it.  It will have to be attached to a platform and I'll build the cake around it.  I also want it to rise approx 4" above the cake using a battery powered motor. In addition I will attach a fog machine (water based fog) so it will be REALLY cool as it rises.      Any Extreme Cake Artists out there?  Can you give me any ideas?...
UPDATE!    Found 12/pkg on ebay for 3.04 and shipping was less than my GAS to the next city to buy from Michaels!     WINNING!
Yes!  And I guess the reason I didn't find them was because I was searching under White Floral WATER picks! DUH!  I'm gettin' way too old for this business!  LOL  Thanks!
Thanks Everyone!  I will look today when I hit up Michaels and Hobby Lobby but, haven't seen them locally in a LLLOOONNNG time!  I'll ask them to order for me!
I have a wedding reception coming up and there will be real roses on it.  I'm trying to find water picks like the "old" Wilton white floral picks!  I can't find them anywhere!  Does anyone know where I can find  these or have a suggestion for what to use?     PS  The cake design will not allow for just laying the roses on the cake and the florist will be doing the design at least 3 hours prior to the reception so the roses may "wilt"! 
I've actually used this transfer.  It worked great.  Check it out in my pictures if you would like.  It's a wedding cake I did about 5 or 6 years ago!  PS  VERY EASY to use too!
Much like working with glass you need to keep it at a consistent temp. My hubby made a heating box for me and it works great. You'll find isomalt "colors" better as sugar has a slight "yellow" look to it. Either way....GOOD LUCK! I LOVE working with pulled sugar. It makes a simple cake look GORGEOUS!
How fun is that? Can't wait to show my grandson! He'll think his Gran B is WAY COOL! LOL
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