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My son wants Pokemon cupcakes and I'm working full time. Can I cut out the fondant shapes this weekend, store them between plastic wrap or wax paper in ziploc bags and have them still be pliable for Thursday? I plan on assembling them Wed. night. They will be flat "faces".Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks!
Stumbled across this blog in a Mom forum and laughed myself sick... a bright moment in your day? This blog will do it. Think of it as "Cake Fail Blog"
Do the fondant onesie with their favorite team's logo on it?
Wow! That was fast! You ladies are great. Sounds like my dual bag will work with the drop flower tip. If it doesn't, I'll try the saran wrap method. (Heck, I'll use the saran method from now on for everything!)Thank you, thank you!
Just wondering the best way to create a "stripe" effect when piping.In the new Better Homes and Garden Christmas Cookie magazine, there is a recipe for Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Marshmallow frosting (yum!) The photo had crushed candy cane pieces as garnish, but I was thinking a striped red and white version of the frosting swirled in the cups, looking like a peppermint candy, would be more attractive (and less likely to stick to the teeth!)Would the "painting the bag"...
Here's a couple of pics from the "Clone Wars" cartoon that would probably be easier to FBCT. HTH!(Google Shaak Ti+Clone Wars and then Images if you want to see more)[moderator edited to remove copyrighted material]
My BIL really wants the strawberry cake he saw in the Bake n' Fill commercial. I just got the pan set and said "Sure!", my first cake (A Boston Creme Pie) turned out well using the pans, so I felt pretty confident and told him I'd make it for Saturday's picnic.I check the recipe book yesterday and there is no recipe for that cake! So I'm going by memory here, It was frosted with pink, fluffy like frosting and had strawberries mixed with the same frosting in the middle (I...
Man, the time some of those must take! Cute ideas though, especially using chiclets for mosaics or tiles. Those Teddy Grahm cakes made my mouth drop. I just did Teddy cupcakes and trying just to gel sunglasses on them nearly kicked my @#$!, I can't imagine trying to ice frilly, multicolor bathing suits on them. They're so TINY! Also, the teddys crumbled at the touch, after I stored them under a cake saver overnight. Not sure how you would store them to avoid it.Thanks for...
Oops! Double post.
Thanks for such quick responses! Mommy Edzards, your cake is just what I was looking for! I think I'll look for some classic car hot wheels and it will be perfect! Thanks everyone!
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