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You are a VERY forgiving person. I could excuse (kinda) the designs but not the off-kilter cake and crumpled ribbons.
Thank you, poohsmomma, for already calculating this change. I appreciate your willingness to share.
Thx. I am always looking for cupcakes liners to accommodate different themes.
Wow! How fun!
OMG -- I am sitting at my desk at work and drooling!
I do not keep cupcakes for customers longer than 1 month in the freezer. I am more flexible (up to 2 months) if they are for family or close friends. Just wrap well. I wrap in plastic wrap, then aluminum foil and then place in gallon-size ziploc containers and store flat. HTH
So happy for you! Thank you for sharing!
If the cream was very fresh AND I were planning to use this for a family get-together, I would not worry about it. If I was using this for a paying customer I would purchase more cream and chocolate and begin again. This is just my opinion.
congrats! you are very talented
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