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Thanks everyone for the ideas!Can anyone tell me where I could get instructions on how to makea cowboy hat?I've seen lots of pictures in the galleries and they lookreally good.
Hey everyone!My friend just asked me if I could make her a cowboy themed groom's cake.Now I have 2 1/2 months till its due but I've never done a groom's cake before.One idea I did have was to try and make a cowboy hat but I'm not really sure how to do that.So if any of you have any advice or ideas please feel free to post them. All help is appreciated! Hershey17
Today my good friend I_Love_Cake and I had to finish a cake due today at 6.Well, we baked,iced,and smoothed the cake last night and she had already done the transfer for the top.So we figured, this we'll be a breeze. We were sooooo wrong! After we got the cake to her house we tried to put the transfer on the cake, it totally fell apart! We had to take it all off and we we only had about 2 hours till she had to take it to the party! The transfer was of horses{Which my...
Very nice cake! You did a great job!What size star tip did you use for the rainbow?
Haven't used Royal that much so I'm not entirely sure about them but I have worked with buttercream roses alot!I've made them a few days ahead of time and froze them and they usaully turn out perfect as long as you don't let them sit before you put them on your cake.They start to thaw out as soon as you pull them out of the freezer and our a bit difficult if they thaw too much.Not sure how much good this will do you but I hope this helps!
I'd have to agree with everyone!It is very frustrating when people ask for cakes then don't pay or just expect you to make a cake because you knowhow.
I'm glad your back briansbaker. But I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope your days get better soon. Hershey17
That shirt and tie idea is very cute. You could do tons of stuff with that idea.You could make a giant Fathers day card out of cake.Use the book pan or just make it yourself,then write in icing in it.
Here's an Idea I had for a fathers day cake,If you were to make a roundcake.Ice your cake,then put blue piping gel around the sides{this would be alot of gel so you could use blue icing instead,the gel would just look better}.Leave the top white,then take fishing lures{brand new} and put them on the side of the cake.Add shells on the top and bottom and write Happy Fathers Day on top. You could add Swedish fish to the cake to give it a little more.Not to mention the lures...
I can't seem to make a white cake mix with out the cake cracking or when its cut just crumbling to bits. My white cakes are always very moist but they just won't stay together.Can anyone help me?
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