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Thank you very much. That helps tremendously.
make sure this cake is COLD when you ice it. You may need to do a couple of thin crumb coats before your final icing or fondant. I would also use a paper towel to gt in there to smooth. Hope this helps.
I live in central Fl. and to my knowledge those are the only 2 stores. They have everything you can think of. LOVE IT! Have fun on your trip.
Never tried this so was wandering if this will work. I bought some molds that are used for chocolate. (mermaid shapes) Can I use gumpaste in them? If so, do I need to do anything to the mold before I put the paste in? Should I make them solid or hollow and how long drying time? Appreciate the help on this.Amy
Need help trying to figure this out. I'm making my baby girls first bday cake and want to make a carousel. No problem. EXCEPT I want it to spin.Any idea what type of motor I would need to make this work? Any suggestions very much appreciated.Amy
I always use the nfsc with Toba Garret cookie glaze. It does dry after several hours or overnight, but I was wandering if I would have success trying to stencil on them? and what icing to use for that part? Thank you.I've been looking at the work in here and decided to get back into cookies and cakes after taking a very long break from it. Oh my gosh at the new things and techniques!!!
I've seen some awesome cakes here that have used LED lights. Searched the forums and can't seem to find any info. on them. Can someone please tell me where to buy the little lights and how to place them in the cake? Thanks so much in advance. Truly talented people here.
Maybe you could go to your local grocery store or bakery and they might be willing to give you some or sell you some cupcake packages for really cheap.
I have a few basket cakes in my gallery. They are not fondant, but if you see anything that would be of help, feel free to use the idea or ask me if you have a question. Good luck with your cake, by the look of your cakes, I'm sure you will have no problem at all and it will be beautiful.Amy
when I make them I use the thin, flat sticks, and dip them in a little bit of corn syrup before inserting them. Bake on parchment paper so they don't stick. Works with lolli pop sticks to the syrup keeps them from spinning. Also, bake your cookies while cold. This help with spreading and cracking. Hope this helps you.
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