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Sounds like you have lots of gumpaste, modeling chocolate in your future. I would go online and do a search for simple wheelchairs and start making the pieces one by one with gumpaste and royal icing. Make your figure out of modeling choc. For the water, either piping gel or fondant with lots of lustre dust. Yep, I would do the fondant for water on this one since I would be afraid of piping gel breakin down parts of the wheel chair. Leaves of the tree and branches I...
ideas..... anyone???????
For a wedding cake, what whipped cream icing do you prefer and where do I get it? (I have only used buttercream in the past)Thanks so much.Amy
Where are you buying the bettercreme from?
Here's what I want to do. This is for my baby girls 1st bday in 2 weeks.This will be a carousel.Little Mermaid themed party.bottom tier 14" petal pan12" petal pan on top of 14".Possible edible image wrap on bottom cake (mermaid/under the sea)rotating carousel with mermaids made of sugar paste or chocolatewould like a 6-8" clearance (height)Then comes the top of the cake:approx. 8" high using stacked cakes, bottom being 8" petal then tapering up to pointed top.Now... These...
nope, not selling. its my daughters 1st bday cake. thank you both.amy
A lot pictures are trade marked so we can't get edible images made from them, so I was wandering if this holds true with wrapping paper such as Little Mermaid? (I'm wanting to wrap the sides of a cake with it)Amy
I'm going to agree with these ladies. I just peaked at your work, and I didn't see a thing that anyone would laugh at. Take your cakes and keep your chin up. Maybe your like me and have a mean MIL?????
my first thought were egg cartons. (assuming they didn't have to be packaged nice, just sturdy) Can you go to a supply house or place that has cake decorating things? There are all sorts of packaging ideas there i.e. truffles. Hope this helps.
Went ahead and tried it last night and it was a definate FAIL! When I pulled the stencils off of the glaze, the glaze came off with it. The glaze was dry to the touch, but gonna try one more time with some that dried overnight. I DON"T think it's going to work though. Worked great on my fondant cookies, but I love the look of the shiny glaze.
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