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I use Dubs dreamcycle cake recipe. Really good.
your welcome. I'm sure they will be yummy and have fun.
Yes you can. I use orange juice in my orange dreamcycle cake. Pina colada I use pineapple juice, etc.
add the pudding to the dry ingrediants, and add the milk with the wet. Your cake will be more moist with the pudding and milk.
Make choc. buttercream. (just add cocoa powder to regular buttercream) then add black gel coloring. You don't have to use nearly as much coloring when you make choc. buttercream.
Hi Casmom! Nice to meet you! Who would have ever thought that a tounament paintball player is little miss betty crocker in the kitchen, lol. I "kill" peope on an xball field then make them cookies or cakes. hmmmm Alter ego maybe? I'm Amy from Fl. and it's great to have you aboard. You are right, so much knowledge here. I could not have done a lot of stuff without these ladies and gents.
Follow your heart and do what you love. I think Mum will be happy knowing your happy. Should you ever get "burnt out" you always have your teaching career to fall back on.I understand your frustration, but you must do what is right for you. Not what someone else thinks is right for you.
I use a recipe called Crusting Cream Cheese by Edencakes. I found it a couple of years ago and have never had a problem with it. It tastes really good too and I can't stand cream cheese. Go figure. Hope this helps.
If it's just to get a little bit of experience or work on speed, I say go for it. I'll tell you my experience with it... Keep in mind that it was for a grocery store chain, I won't say which one. Cakes come in frozen, no baking. Loved that. (really bad tasting, because I cannot tell you how many times 1 cake would be taken out of the freezer, thawed out and put back into the freezer. 1 cake would have this done multiple times. Icings came in premade. Nice.Had to keep...
That's really good to realize before it's "too late" that for you, doing it as a hobby is a better choice. People tell me all the time, "You should go into business"! I say... "No WAY!" People don't realize the hassles the "pro's" go through. (that goes for owning any business) I don't have that amount of passion for this, nor the patience. Don't get me wrong, I love doing cakes but there are people out there that can do this for a living and I know that I"m not one...
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