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I agree, if people want a grocery store cake, with grocery store prices, they can go to the grocery store. You need to market yourself showing that what you do is not even remotely close to grocery store "stuff". What you do is not something available there. Only you can do what they can't and you will start getting business. There is a reason you charge more and people will pay it. Be patient. "Make it, and they will come".
If I were the customer, I would most certainly appreciate a phone call if that had happened. At least then you could get another photo and make the cake she wanted instead of getting a cake that is a little diferrent and having to hear some sort of excuse. Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure your customer won't be mad with a request for another pic. She would be upset to not get the phone call when there is still time to make what she wants. This stuff happens all...
WAIT!!!! NO MORE "D N A" CAKES? Everyone knows that slobber, licked fingers, and other unidentafiable things are what makes cakes so much yummier! This is going overboard for sure.
Is it possible that your using too much icing? If too much is "pushed" to the sides, that could cause that. Try smoothing the sides first then smooth the icing from the edges towards the middle. Hope this help some, I"m sure you will get more suggestions from others.
In a word... STUNNING!
Glaze for me. So simple to make and use, I also like the shine it has when dry.
When doing cookies on a stick..... I have found that if I dip about 1" of the stick in corn syrup, I don't have problems with cookies spinning. Don't know what to tell you about copywrighted charactors, except use your best judgement. I personally don't do them unless I can change it up a little bit. Give the cookies about 24 hours to dry before packaging them. The no fail sugar cookie recipe on here is a really good one for these and if you don't have the royal icing...
toasted coconut?
super thin Satin Ice = yummmmThick fondant = yuck
Sorry, forgot to add that I use creamcheese icing and that's what I fill it with. The mousse sounds really good though.
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