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Sculpt your cake for the dunes and low spots, making sure cake is very cold. After icing it, use nilla wafers or even graham crackers, after you grind them up, sift them to make sand. After you put the sand on the cake, use a knife to put the drift lines on. Hope this helps,Amy
They will be fine.
Take a machete' to a frozen cake. It's the best and quite therapeutic. lol. Seriously, this big beast of a knife/weapon is the best thing I've found for leveling. All my levelling tools got thrown across the yard a long time ago.
I'm in Melbourne, would love to come.
lol! I want a tasting of every item that every person has to offer on here! Go ahead and send me some of those strawberries to start me off with. Do they taste like strawberries with chocolate on them? How can I be sure of this, and how about those sugar cookies. Do they taste like cookies that are made with sugar? hmmmm, I don't kno-ow. Good Lord! I would tell her that you offer tastings or weddings or other large orders, as something like that is just flat...
cardicard..... If you put in lights on the search tab, it will show all sorts of images of cakes with lights in them. Really neat stuff.
I used the rotating lighted base for a carousel cake. (had to order it on line) Wilton makes it. $20.00Ive also heard of people using a motor out of a disco ball, but good luck with the cord.You could also use the base from one of those crystal paper weight things that people put on they're desks.Hope this helps.
I've seen many cakes in the galleries which use led lights. I think it's an awesome affect. I'm wandering where are these purchased and how to put them in a cake without messing up the light. (i don't even know what these little lights look like to try to find them.) I'll be doing 2 transformers cakes this week and would love to use lights in both of them. Such neet ideas on this site. Thanks for your help,Amy
She's calling you as a "last resort"? o-kay....... hmmm. I wouldn't touch these little pains in the a**'s, at all. For any amount. So much harder and aggrivating than any cake. Explain to her about the time that goes into these and she will pay dearly for that. Maybe she will opt for something more realistic on her budget. Don't let anyone tell you or make you feel as though you are their "last resort". You want to be their FIRST choice. Period. Just my opinion.
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