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Yes, smaller pans would work too, I used larger pans because I had to do a Hummer and a firetruck. The led's are super cool in these. It really isn't hard once you make the first cut.
Do that first thing to your board, even befor you put your cake on it just so you don't forget, or you will be saying choice words. lol, sounds like I'm not the only one who has done that, tehe!
Depends on what your making. (filling and buttercream or fondant) If your using buttercream, you can start 3 days in advance and refrigerate. If covered in fondant, that creates a better (seal) and will keep a couple of days longer. Just be careful of your fillings, don't use anything goupy, or you will end up with a mess. Good luck and welcome to CC!
Hopefully you used chocolate buttercream, and spray it a few more times.
Your not going to like my answer, maybe someone has a better way. This is what I do. I bake 2 11x13's, freeze them, stack and start carving. Your going to need 4 for 2 vehicles. I fill them with enough batter that they are super full. As for the 2 tone, I hope you have an air-brush. If not, go ahead and do one color fondant, then the other. You can add detail such as pin striping at the seam. Hope this helps some.
If your talking about the one that's on the top tier, run your dowel through all the cakes except the top one. After you have done that, then slide your top tier onto the dowel, making sure it's short enough that it's not going to poke through the top.
For the tops of the turets, (towers, I used ice cream cones. For one of my cakes, I couldn't get the rice crispies smooth, so I tossed them and grabbed paper towel rolls and wrapped them with fondant. It worked in a pinch. Hope that helps some.
This is an easy one, EVERY STINKING CAKE I HAVE EVER MADE, I HATED! Either costumer wanted something really weird or I had this great vision of something and didn't turn out. Or I got sick of looking at the cake and just never wanted to see another one done out of my kitchen again. It's been almost a year since I made one. Love everyone else's cakes, just detest my own.Funny thing, I get inspired by pictures on here and think, "Oooh, I want to do that, then in the same...
Things that make you want to say, "DUHHHHH"! Or who's that guy that always says, "here's your sign." (meaning stupid)
Hopefully you can help me with an idea. I want to make a cake for my dentist who is absolutely amazing. He is from India and I wanted to make a cake with the dental theme and incorporate an Indian theme into it. Please throw some ideas my way. I haven't made a cake in over a year, so I hope I don't turn it into a disaster, lol. I appreciate you all.
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