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I have a cake in my gallery you may take interest in. Seems like I used 12" pans.
I once worked in a bakery, all cakes came in frozen, we decorated them,(i almost got fired because my boss told me i couldn't decorate "their" way) anyway, after we decorated, back into the freezer they went, uncovered. I didn't know if it was the cakes that always tasted like nastiness, or the cakes being frozen 2 times that made them taste horrible.
If you make a cake and freeze it then carve, ice in buttercream and add all of the fondant accents like a diamond pattern around the cake, will I have a problem freezing the cake again? I've never re-frozen a cake and have never frozen fondant. My problem is the cake is for Saturday, it will be a big one, but I have so much going on Thursday and Friday that tomorrow is really my only day that I can do this.Thank you for your advice with this.
I need someone to step in and just TELL me what to do. My little girl's turning 2 this weekend, I haven't done a cake in a year. I decided I'd try a topsy turvy, my son decided Hello Kitty would be a nice theme for her.Cake will be 3 tiers, smallest 6" going down to 4". Middle tier 8" down to 6" and bottom will be 10" down to 8". Colors are turquoise and sort of a wine/fusia and white.Have been trolling through cakes and making sketches for weeks and just can't decide...
Made my mmf, turned out fine. The fondant itself is fine, however the color is horrible! I used Wilton's rose, hoping for a rose color, but instead, got hot pink. What can I do outside of buying the ingredients again and starting completly over? I thought about maybe melting it all down and adding white, would that work? Any suggestions are appreciated.
I've seen 2 variations of marshmallow fondant. One has corn syrup and lemon juice, the other is simply marshmallows, water and pwd. sugar. Can you please tell me which one you prefer and the recipe if you happen to know it off hand? Thanks so much, I appreciate your help. I've only made fondant one time and it has been several years ago. I usually use Satin Ice, but I'm trying to cut costs on my daughter's 2nd birthday cake.
Can't remember the recipe. I saw one on here, but didn't seem familiar. Is it 1 bag 16oz marshmallows to 1 bag pwd sugar and 2 Tbls or 2 tsp water? Thanks bunches.
Your cake is beautiful! I am not a fan at all of writing on cakes simply because everyone at the occasion knows what it's for and who it's for. Don't do it, if you feel you have to write something, make a plaque and simply place it next to your cake.
lol, yep, new word. A thread should be started on the new words we come up with.
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