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Thanks all. I have a bad habit of saying, sure, whatever you want and then saying, sh*t, that's what you want???! I used to do a lot of cakes, but when I moved to Florida, I started doing only a couple a year, as I don't think I can legally do it from my own kitchen, so that is why I do it for cost. I'm changing a few things, as I think they did sort of a sloppy job on it. The flowers, all sugar paste are hibiscus, orchids, antheriums and plumerias. (flowers you would...
That's about what I thought the cost would be. I'm only charging for the supplies though. I could have made a fortune if I charged the actual cost of the cake,
I was asked to try to duplicate this cake that was made by "cake boss". It will feed 150 people. I'm only having her reimburse me for the cost of supplies. However, I'm curious what "He" would charge and what a legal home bake would charge for this cake. Thanks for your ball park estimates.[img][/img]
Thank you both.
I am making 3 2" deep 16" round cakes. They will be stacked atop eachother and now I'm wondering if it's going to cave in. Nothing wll be on top of the cake, just iced and minimal decorations. Will it be safe to travel and hold up for 3 days without a support structure or do I need to go ahead and dowel and put in boards? Thank you for your help.
was going to be choc. & vanilla, however, those flavors sound yummy. Icing will be a garnet/maroon color and a 16" to feed 90-100. (high school reunion)
Besides chocolate, what is the best flavor buttercream for a marble cake?
Ithought everything about the dress, make-up, etc. was perfect. Simple understated elegance. I thought she would have more sparkle, but so tasteful and classic. At least she won't be crying over her dress as did Princess Diana. She hated her dress.The cake is so beautiful and elegant too. Incredible work they did on it.
That's pretty low for all that work.
either coconut extract or coconut coffee creamer in place of the milk. Yummy. hth
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