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YIKES! you are right!!! I bought the cookie dough in the tube because it was on sale for half off and tried my letter cookie cutters .... it spreadd horribly! hmmmm maybe I will just cut circles and decorate those with the latters. they look HORRIBLE hahaha. I would make my own dough to do a display tat is pretty but tat would be a bit misleading I think lol ugh ... wy cant premade dough be as good as home made!
thanks! we hae cute holiday shapes pretzles tat would be good .... Also we are haing someone else sell shortbread cookies so that is a good idea too!
Ok so I MUCH prefer using the recipe for NFSC for decorated cookies but at my side job I hae to do a product demonstration for the pillsbury sugar cookie tub. I am wanting to make a cookie bouquet display for this event however I have never tried this sugar cookie dough being rolled out thick enough to do cookies on a stick.Has anyone ever tried cookie bouquets with this dough and how should I adjust the time/temp to accomodate?
Hey I am looking for some ideas for dipping chocolate. they need to be easy ideas. I work for a marketing company doing product demonstrations and sampling and I am doing a Ghirardelli chocolate dipping kit with white and double chocolate. i did this 2 weeks ago and was only allowed to dip strawberries and bananas in the chocolate and made a bouquet as a display, this time I hae been given total creative freedom to dip what I want SOOO what I am going to do is make a...
you can make your own ... I bought a mold kit from my local cake store and molded a toy gun for a laser tag cake.
hey guys ... They actually aired immediately after the homemade millionaire show at 11pm EST. They sold out by the next morning ... I work for HSN so I cheated and looked at our schow schedule before the airing of the homemmade millionaire show so I could see who won HAHA. They had a a birthday kit with half butterfly design and half balloons ... then they had a christmas one with half candycane and half santa ... they sold 48 liners for $19.95 they offered free shipping...
This friday I think it is TLC ... will eb featuring a show called homemade millionaire and tghe winner gets to sell their invention on HSN .... anyway they have been previewing the net show with a lady who has invented edible cupcake liners .... worth a look.
I just wanted to throw out there that I am prettty sure that Provo did NOT inform HSN of the licensing requirements for this machine. I work for HSN and none of the representatives were told of this. I also talked to my supervisor about this and the way it was being marketed on air by the Provo rep about being able to sell the cakes and make your money back and she had no clue about the licensing agreement either and passed the info on to the proper legal departments to...
I don't know that that is an issue. No a home baker does not have the overhead that a bakery has however the customer is paying for the skill/time/talent that went into that cake. Also a home baker cannot get all their ingredients at wholesale prices like bakeries can so that cost is going to be higher for the homebaker rather than the larger bakeries.
Hello there! I was born and raised in Omaha and love seeing when others are from there. I go back a couple times a year to visit! I now live in Tennessee. With that being said I really think you are underpriced for the market there. Tennessee market and Omaha market do run very close and I would say you are AT LEST $1 per serving under what you should be charging.
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