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I know I should know this, and maybe I do, but what is SMBC again?
Hi Mareg, I am in Corona too. The heat here is a problem for cakes isn't it!
Hi all,I was really interested in reading this post, as it has been something on my mind a lot lately with my own budding cake business. So many of my first cakes were done for friends and also for friends of my kids, who are all at the getting married and having babies age, so I priced way low. Now....I am getting better, and feel my time is worth more. So, I need to sit down and write out some basic pricings for my customers. It is also true that the area in which...
Wow...what a terrible thing! I have only done two weddings, and they were both on the smallish side-for 100. And I know how much time and money I put into both of those cakes! I will certainly be using a contract in the future for wedding cakes, but I can see even with that, you can get burned. I sure hope she coughs up the money. What a waste of your time and money! So sad. Good luck, and let us know what happens.
Don't fret my dear. Your work is excellent. DARLING Starbucks cake.....your mojo isn't gone, relax. Some cakes are just better than others, for whatever reason! Keep on caking!
Absolutley exquisite!!!
Good luck Cats....they sound yummy. Fondant takes some practice. No one will care, so don't worry.
Hey I do have a any of you have some tried and true suggestions for cake and filling combos for a three tiered wedding cake? One is going to be WASC for sure, probably a raspberry filling. But two are up for grabs....suggestions would be most appreciated!
Well this is great to know. I am actually not working on any cakes this weekend. But I have a wedding cake next Saturday. It is only my second one, so you may find me back here calling out your names next Friday!!!
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