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Hey all, No matter what brand I purchase, my gel colors keep leaking out of the TOP of the bottle and the bottles have not tipped over. How do I keep this from happening? Thanks
That looks like a buttercream cake.
Hey Everyone,   I can't remember whether to use parchment paper or wax paper when baking cookies in the oven. Does anyone know which one?   Thanks!
further researching leads me to believe that 445291 may be correct. Sorry for the doubt..Paul
Are you sure its not NAICS code 311811? That one seems closer to what we do. From reading the descriptions of the codes, 445291 seems more for retailers who DO NOT make their product on the premises where as we make ours and sell it from the same place. Can anyone help with that?
thank you sweetdreams!
Hello All!Somebody please tell me when I would want to use pastillage rather than fondant and vise versa. It seems to be that pastillage is sooooo delicate why would someone want to deal with that?
thanks Texas!
Hey Everyone!I just got a new KopyKake airbrush. Can anyone tell me what they use to clean theirs besides using the actual cleaning solution? Can I use something else I can pick up from Wal-Mart or the grocery store?thanks,
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