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I have done dummy cakes on the bottom and real cake for the top 2 layers without a problem. You can purchase dummy cakes at almost any cake supply store or if you're interested in on line.....Sugarcraft, Beryls, Country Kitchen, etc. I have also seen them made from upholstery foam, cut with an electric knife. Some people buy regular styrofoam and glue them together to form their cake. The fondant can be applied to the dummy as far ahead as you want...just keep it...
I used and 8x12 for mine but I think you can make the bed whatever size you need to to get the # of servings you need. I used fondant for my bedspread but I've seen the bed cake done before in buttercream, trimmed with a ruffle using the rose tip. A tip that may help, if you have time, I used fondant in a Sculpey mold for the faces of my little kids. You can find a variety of molds in the clay molding section of your craft stores.
I did a strawberry shaped cake using a regular heart pan. I carved the edges and tip of the heart off using a knife. The 'leaves' were made using fondant but you could easily pipe them on. I made the little seed indentations and airbrushed them but they could also be piped on. I don't think I can post a photo here so I'll post it in the gallery.You have a wonderful idea and you'll knock their socks off!!
I posted a 2-D skull in the Halloween album. It's carved from 2 sheet cakes, stacked. Let me know if you need further help.
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