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ok...i have posted a picture in the birthday cake gallery. take a look and give me any feedback on how to improve...thanks
sorry, i forgot to mention the ingredients. It is butter, crisco, powdered sugar and flavoring. Sounds like the fridge will be the best. Thanks all for the help.
have you seen that awesome caramel apple cake in the gallery. I think it is in the childrens birthday category. it is soooooo cool!
I have seen all these wonderful cupcakes on here and they look so perfect. They have been done using the 1M tip. So, I went out and bought a 1M tip and tried it and mine don't look as good. They look ok, just not as professional as I had hoped. Any tips on this?
I was just wondering what the best way to keep a batch of buttercream is. I made this last night and used some but would like to save the rest for next weekend. should I freeze it or just keep it out in an air tight container?
how long does fondant need to dry for 3d letter etc?
maybe just add a little more border. in a blue or yellow to add some color. but, if they are adding a toy on top it would be ok just like that too... nice job.
This may be a dumb question but...I have always used the wilton gels to color my icing, but I have to do a graduation cake that is navy and hunter green. The cake store only had these color in the americolor. What is the difference in amount. (more or less needed than wilton.) Please any info would help.
I was wondering how to do this to. I have 3 graduation cake to do with edible images and have never done it before. I am afraid I will break the edible image while putting it on the cake.
thanks for the info.!
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