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Hi!I haven't been around for a while but just saw this thread so thought I'd jump in and let you know that I LOVE my KopyKake projector. I'm not talented in the drawing department so it really helps me pipe images on my cookies. (much easier and faster).I have the 300 and am happy with it (although I'd love not having to worry about shadows too Tracy!). It's doable though if you're concerned about spending more money. I'll eventually be posting how I make mine on my...
Hi there Icing Images,I'm a junior member here (so fairly new and not on cake central as much as I'd like to be) I'm also in Canada and would like to buy the kit you're offering if the other ones haven't gone through. I'd love to be your back up if you have anything left! Pm me if you'd like; I'll check my email regularily today!Thanks!Marian
Tracy,THANK YOU for sharing your information! I really appreciate it and will try your advice!=) Marian
Oh I'm so happy to see that my question's been answered! I've been away for a few days, and really have to remember to check that little box that says 'Notify me when a reply is posted'! (Although, I just looked and it's already checked on this post....sooo, I don't know why I didn't get notified).ANYways, THANK YOU all for your replies, and thank you TracyLH for sharing your pantyhose/icing knowledge!! I did try and squeeze royal icing through panty hose the other...
Ryan, wow! What beautiful work!! Would you mind sharing how you made the black shingles please? Did you use gumpaste, Black Jack gum or something else?
LOve the new feature! Thanks!
Hi there!I remember reading a thread a few days ago, where someone advised squeezing flood icing through a palmolive-cleaned-never-used-knee-high-nylon, in order to make one's icing really lump free, and now I can't find the thread.It was a unique idea I hadn't heard before, and I'd love to pm the author of the message. Does anyone know where that thread, or who the author is?Thank you!!Marian
They completely look like roses to me!! I think they're beautiful!!!
Lovely cake Justbeck101!
I agree with the advice already given here... i think a good, thin brush is key. If you can buy a paintbrush with the real, not synthetic hair, i find that's a bit more helpful too. (generally with a larger surface area being painted though; for smaller, more finicky areas... just need the right shape/size of brush).
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