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Thanks so much! That's just what I was looking for.Melinda
A while ago, someone posted a recipe for MMF that makes just a small amount. I tried to search for it, but couldn't find it. Does someone have this "mini" recipe? I need to make lots of small batches of different colored fondant and I think it would be easier to make these small batches so I can add the color with the marshmallows rather than kneading it in each time.Thanks!Melinda
We just got an invitation to a Labor Day luau and I think I would like to make a flip flop cake. I see a lot of great ideas in the photos, but I am wondering what size cake people generally start with to carve the shapes out of. Are they two 13 x 9 cakes carved?Any other tips are really appreciated.Thanks!Melinda
I have seen posts about adding color to the melted marshmallows before adding the powdered sugar and I am wondering how that works to get the proper shade. Does adding the sugar significantly lighten up the color once you have added it, or does it stay true to what you see in the melted marshmallows? I have not tried it this way before, and was curious as to what sort of color I would get.Thanks!Melinda
I was just looking over various posts regarding rolled buttercream and was wondering how well this works not only for covering cakes, but for cutting out shapes. Does it act the same as MMF? Is one easier to use than the other? I know there are various opinions on the taste of fondant, but not having had much experience with either one, I was just wondering what everyone thought about these two options.Also, would someone have a suggestion on how to make the rolled...
Does anyone have this book? I am looking for the pattern for the "Ready to Touchdown" cake. I have the yearbook, but do not have the pattern book. If anyone is able to e-mail me the pattern, I would REALLY appreciate it.My email is mscdac@yahoo.comThank you!Melinda
Thanks to everyone for their advice! I think I am going to walk on the wild side and use the 1/2 butter recipe. As long as the weather forecast holds true, I think I should be OK, and if not, those who come late to the party will only get to hear about how good my cake looked and tasted, because it will be all gone! Thanks again.Melinda
The problem is that this is an all afternoon and evening party. People are coming and going to an event at a nearby park. The party starts at 2:00 and the fireworks aren't until about 9:30-10, so people are eating the whole time, there is no set time to eat. That's my dilemma.
I am making an Uncle Sam cake for a 4th of July party on Saturday. All the food will be set up in the host's garage, so not in direct sun, but still exposed to the outside temperature, (which thankfully is forecasted to only be about 78 degrees after we've been in the 90s for most of the last 2 weeks). If I make the buttercream recipe that is half butter, half shortening (which I really like the taste of) do you think it will stand up to being "outside" or do you think...
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