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I am making a cake for a friend's mother's 80th birthday and it needs to be round, two tier with a bow on top and serve 60. Would a 3 layer 6" look OK on a 3 layer 10"? Thanks ahead of time for any advise.
After two days of high humidity the dang thing is still bendable. Help!!!!
It wouldn't hurt to call them to see if they have any without color.
Just thinking there might be some sort of tort pan that would work. HTH
Try CalJavaOnlinedotcom
Try talking to the managers of a few of your local restaurants. Their suppliers usually carry HR shortening in 50 lbs blocks.
Oh, it is so time to re-start this thread again.....What is everyone making this yea?. We are working on a sugary choo choo train. Going very traditional.
Looking for decorator in Andrews/Murphy, NC vicinity.Please pm for particulars.
It appears it is being presented to the govenor today 6/13th: keep our fingers crossed!
Since you need the wood look, maybe you could paint darker brown streaks of color (thinned with vodka or extract) on top of light brown BC. The painted streaks should stay glossy and give the lighter brown BC a wooden texture. HTH
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