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I searched and didnt find a good answer so I hope someone can help.  I made a deer out of modeling chocolate and RKTs and its for a cake on Friday morning. What is the best way to store the deer so that it doesnt melt, droop, etc?  I stuck in the fridge but then read that will create moisture issues... I have a cake carrier I can put it in and then put in fridge if that would be better.    Or would it be ok at room temp (a/c is set to 74)   Also.... once I put it on...
I have seen a couple tutorials lately where a ganache is used to frost the cake under the fondant. I have never used anything other then buttercream and im curious on how this works.    First anyone have a good recipe??? The only ganache I have used is a runny liquid type.  Do you frost with it like buttercream and then simply cover with fondant or do you need something on the ganache to make the fondant stick?  Because the ganache has cream... do you need to...
Can I ask what are the pieces you are using that are bendable??? THe parts for the body??  Im trying to make a standing T-rex and that would help! :) 
My cousin is getting married in Nov and they want a Naked wedding cake... I would make it but dont feel comfortable transporting it from Michigan so I am helping her find someone!    Thanks! 
I just had a request for a 3D cake.. I know this thread is old but if anyone has instructions I would LOVE them.
I forgot about LorAnn.... I will call them tomorrow... Its sad I forget them since they are about 5 min from my house.  For the Key Lime Curd... do you have a recipe??? That sounds tasty!    I will add the zest only to the batter and then think ill try the oil in my frosting and/or curd filling.    THANKS
I have had a request for Key Lime cupcakes. I have a vanilla cake recipe I want to use and was thinking about adding some key lime juice and zest but I want a frosting recipe that will really pull the flavor. My issue is it has to be something that does not require refridgeration and will hold up for 1-2 days.    Anyone have a great recipe????????????????? Or if not a frosting, then a filling? 
Anyone know what they use on cake boss (as an example) for making armatures for modeling chocolate figures? They almost look like pipe cleaners and seem to bend and stand so easy... I have tried several types of wire and nothing seems to be as easy as what they use.    Thanks
What boxes or packaging techniques do you use for tiered cakes? I havent found anything that works... I usually just put in a regular cake box, tape the sides open and cover with press n seal but it doesnt look nice and bothers me.
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